Junghoon David Jin, CPA

Junghoon David Jin, CPA
Founder & CEO

Message from the CEO


In the spring of 2012, iamC was founded without expectation that we would grow so quickly, and it has been an exciting journey – though not without trepidation. We would have not anticipated such growth but, through God’s blessings, at iamC we have developed a team that is deeply prepared in mind, heart and skill.

As much as we have our own sincerest wishes and desires in our prayers, we are most grateful to the clients of iamC for their unflagging support and blessings.

iamC will do our best to provide the most approachable, professional, accurate, and friendly service to our clients. We have a dynamic young team with the right knowledge, skills and abilities. We are always grateful for the opportunity to serve your needs.

Above all, it is through the grace and goodness of God, through His people and His will that emanates through our business that, even if all was lost, we would never lose Him.

With all my gratitude.

Junghoon David Jin, CPA
Founder & Chief Executive Officer